Eric Whitacre - Deep Field film

Check out the amazing Deep Field film based on the music of Eric Whitacre inspired by the Hubble Deep Field. I was lucky to be able to help create some of the visuals along with my colleagues at the Space Telescope Science Institute. It’s been a really unique experience to work with scientists, visual artists, and musicians all together on one project. You can watch the film at this link and also take a look to see if there will be a live performance in your area.


Best of Digital Design Competition


Two of the projects I worked on at the Washington Post received Awards from the Society for News Design in the 2017 edition of it's Best of Digital Design Competition

This is your brain on art received an Award of Excellence - Features: Single-subject project

Comp 4_3.gif


Decoding Internet Security: Spear phishing received an Award of Excellence  - Graphics: Motion graphics